Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Your unlived life has always been on your side

At times, we choose to split off from pieces of ourselves that we are unable to metabolize within the majesty that we are. If the embodiment of a particular feeling, emotion, or quality triggers anxiety or discomfort in those around us—or otherwise results in their withdrawal of love, affection, holding, or attunement—we chart a course of disembodiment, turning from our sacred vulnerability in all its forms. 

But please know that these pieces are looking for you. They only want to reveal your essential wholeness, unfold upon you a sacred path of integration, and be allowed back into the radiant perfection that you are. They are knocking at the door of your heart—wet and cold from the rain of neglect, pleading for union, longing for a holding space inside your pure vastness. 

Can you feel them gathering around you? Will you open the door and make a commitment to no longer abandon yourself? Will you meet the unworthy one, the despairing one, the sad one, and the lonely one? Will you offer just one moment of your precious attention, and hold them with tender kindness? Will you allow even these ones room to play within you? To dance and touch you and bring your body alive? And open to the reality that they are not working against you, but have always been on your side. 

Friend, please give everything to know love, and see that it is right here, and right now. Love is appearing now before your very eyes. Please don't turn away. 

Your old companions will continue to search for you, and will appear as your friends, your children, your lovers, your life circumstances, and even as the colors red and purple as they appear throughout the day. They are taking shape as the sun and the moon and the stars, and will never, ever give up on you. 

Please look carefully as your unlived life is always nearby, appearing as a luminous portal inviting you into the center of your own heart. Let us meet there.