Thursday, April 10, 2014

You are always safe

It is so natural to long for safety on the journey of the heart. "I will open all the way," we say, "when I feel safe."  When everything is aligned and flowing—when the right intimate partner has come, when the perfect job has appeared, when I have more energy, when I feel good, when I'm awakened, when I'm healed, when everyone around me sees me the way I believe I must be seen, when I know what I have come here to do—it is then I will open and take the risk that love always demands. 

But, friend, will you please consider that the beloved is not in your life to bestow safety upon you—or certainty, or ground, or a respite from the weary world? For she will equally employ her emissaries of "safe" and "unsafe" in order to meet your deepest longing, to know love as the organizing principle of this special star we have found ourselves in. 

You are always safe. But you may not always "feel" safe. Re-embodying to your historic core vulnerabilities—and staying with the burning and the metabolization that is occurring within you now—may never "feel" safe. How could it? Let us remove the burden of safety from the wild uncharted territory of the heart—and from our spiritualities and intimate partners, for it is not theirs to carry. 

Rest friend. You need not frantically seek safety. Allow yourself to fall, to fail, to give up, to surrender the urge to hold it all together, and to figure it all out ahead of time. The freedom you so sweetly long for will never be found in the re-arranging of your life circumstances—or in the changing of the others around you—but only in the unconditional commitment to your immediate experience, and in the radical embrace of loving kindness. Dare to see that no mistake has been made here. The path is everywhere , and is forming at all times as the field between yourself and everyone you meet.  

Please don't postpone your life any longer. For if you do you will prevent your wild majestic nature from coming into this world, and something will be lost forever.  

Photo of The Unknown by Nicolas Bouvier