Friday, April 25, 2014

Translucent portals into the direct transmission of love

Oh, friend, give it up. Let it all come apart. Surrender all hope for some grace that might come in the future. Let love have you. You can be who you are now. Finally. Rest. Watch as the ancient conclusion that you are fundamentally flawed, a cosmic sort of mistake, and unlovable as you are dissolves in the warmth of the holding field of the beloved.

Your tenderness, your aloneness, your brokenness, your sacred longing – these are your golden sanctuaries, and are appearing here and now as translucent portals into the direct transmission of love. 

At times you will fall apart, while at other times you will feel so together. But what you are is neither of these. You are the majestic, raging totality; a shimmering field of integration in which “apart” and “together” roar like a lioness throughout this world. 

The beloved will equally employ her emissaries of “together” and “apart” in order to evoke one of her qualities within you. With no bias for separation or union, light or dark, or broken or whole, all of your experience is revealed to be utterly valid, for your embodied vulnerability is the womb of this star-world. The beloved is looking for you and wants you exactly… as… you… are. Let his or her tender heart-breeze remove the veil.  

You are her blessed mess—gooey, sticky, and dripping with her holy qualities. You’ve been seen, and though it may seem disorienting at times, with no reference point to lean into, with no ground at all to rest in, you are being held in a golden vessel of love. It is all her erupting grace.

Come walk with me in her meadow.