Saturday, April 26, 2014

The veils are opened just a bit

Sometimes you forget there is something more than love that really matters… you look up into the morning sky and are just not sure any longer… you know that somehow it must be possible for this life to give you more—more connection, more grace, more awakening, more intimacy, more joy, more lovers. You wonder if you’ve done something wrong: perhaps you’ve not prayed hard enough, or in the right way; meditated enough; served enough; been broken open enough; hurt enough; healed enough; opened enough; forgiven enough; let go enough, accepted enough.

And then in the next moment, the beloved sweeps away the display of separation and sends her envoy of colors into your world, to remind you that things here are rarely as they seem. The veils are opened just a bit, and you behold the creative display of the particles of love, shimmering and entering inside you. My god there is so much grace here.

It can be so hard, this path of re-embodiment and integration, but you have taken a vow to open your heart and to know love as the organizing principle of this reality. On the one hand, a part of you wishes you could rescind this vow—and maybe take another in its place. Oh, friend. Give it up. You are a burning vessel of the beloved and her mysteries; mad, crazy in love. Fall to the ground and die in astonishment.

And then in the next moment, you look back up into that same morning sky… though something seems a little different. It’s more vivid, more alive; the display is more magical somehow. Even the color purple is enough to take you to the ground, if it is allowed all the way in, if you will take it as your sweetest lover. There is birdsong that has come from another dimension. The smell of the blooming wildflower-friends take you apart, exposing how little you really know and how naked your heart really is. Your lovers are appearing everywhere!

Please take the risk to see that everything here is on your side. Life is always working for you and for love, though in ways you may never understand. 

Photo credit: wildflower-friends as portals into the realm of the beloved, by Kevin McNeal