Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The union of groundlessness and enlightenment

Something has shifted, but it is unclear just what that is. At times, you may find yourself emerged in the archaic journey of death and rebirth, but with no reference point you can look back on in order to make sense of what is happening. Yes, something has died, that is clear; but what is being reborn in its place is not yet known. 

Stay in this unknown, for it is the wild dimension of the beloved, come to shower upon you the reality of your own wholeness. From the perspective of confused mind, groundlessness is terrifying; honor the call to seek safe passage and something to hold onto. 

From the perspective of the mandala of the beloved, however, groundlessness and enlightenment are one, co-arising as the translucent movement of open awareness. It is through loving attunement to yourself and the phenomenal world that a holding space will appear for you to rest in the majesty of what you are.