Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The messages are right here and right now

At times you may feel weary along the way—tired , exhausted, and in need of a primordial rest and nourishment. You can feel that something is being birthed within you, yet you are burning up inside. You are longing for a message to be sent, with instructions and guidance for the next phase of your journey. 

I know it is difficult to stay alive during this period of bardo. But, friend, will you consider the possibility that the message has already arrived? And that there is no message coming in the future. 

Right inside your present, embodied reality is overwhelming creativity. Your heart is an instrument of the stars, attuning to and receiving the untamed activity of the beloved in all her forms. Please stay close. The beloved is made of particles of the unknown and is weaving her signature into your very cells at this moment. She knows nothing of what has come before, and is a translucent emissary of the eternal dance of separation and union. Dare to see that your prayers are always being answered, but in ways the mind will never understand. 

Your longing, your sensitivity, the raw shaky tenderness you feel now—these are the tools of the beloved one, come to unlock her fragrances within you. The messages are right here and right now, friend, emerging as the phenomenal world itself—through the colors, through your grace-body, and through the majesty of the sensory world. 

There is a love that is pouring through you right now, alive inside the very center of your heart. This lover has come to reveal the union of wild, embodied activity and utter cosmic stillness. Bless that one and rest right there. And call her or him to come even closer. 

Photo: November sunrise at our majestic Brainard Lake, near my home in northern Colorado, copyright Michael Chilcoat