Friday, April 18, 2014

The envoys of the unseen worlds have appeared

When sadness comes early in the morning, dissolve the habitual conclusion that something has gone wrong. When hopelessness, burning, and longing greet you in the night, melt away the dream that you have somehow failed yet again. 

The envoys of the unseen worlds have appeared, this time to unlock one of love's fragrances within you. 

Though you may not remember, you have taken a vow to know love as the organizing principle of this wild milky way galaxy of light. You have made the prayer, nothing else will satisfy you. Now step back and watch the beloved unfold her body into yours.

Open your heart to whatever guests appear today, for they are emissaries of integration, poured into your life in the form of particles of wholeness. The beloved will take any shape that she must to reach you, and will dance inside your senses to end one world and start another. 

Feel the invitation in every moment to open, and open more, and come home to your true nature. Nothing has gone wrong, no mistake has been made, and the path is laid out before you now.