Sunday, April 20, 2014

She has come as the blueness of blue

I can no longer tell if my heart is on the outside or the inside of my skin. At times, the sunrise can feel like too much, as if this nervous system will not make it all the way through one more. Not to mention the setting of the sun, and the moon playing hide and seek as I chase her around the stars. How will I ever contain so much love in this one body? 

There is no choice, friend, but to give this life to the beloved one. Give it all up, break all the way open, admit defeat in love. Be slayed by her once and for all. Allow that grace to de-clothe you of any remaining separation. Dare to see she is appearing all around you, calling you into her luminous-body—opening your senses to her beauty, her fragrances, and her wild activity as she fires the neurons of love within you.  

Her envoys are everywhere and her emissaries are coming as the blueness of blue, the purpleness of purple; as the union of wave and ocean, and as the new blooming wildflowers here in the Colorado hills. As I type she is sending a breeze both inside and outside me, in hopes of removing the veil once and for all.  She has come from the other world to provide just one glimpse of what is really happening here. 

There is no more protecting these hearts, for they now belong to her. 

~for you, SL