Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Naked, de-robed, and led into the bedroom of the beloved

You wondered if as you awakened, you would feel less, be more detached, rest as “the witness,” become neutral, brush it all off, let it all go, not care so much about those around you, lest you get caught in “their story” or in the stories of this world. Perhaps with a bit more effort, there was an idea that your confusion would transfigure into clarity, your hopelessness would yield to hope, and the unknown would give rise to the known, and everything would be resolved.

But the beloved is coming for you, and has her own ideas about what is next. She is taking you into the mandala of the gooey, the sticky, the drippy, and the yummy. But she will also use the groundless, the yucky, the darkness, and the unwanted to unfold her reality into yours. Dare to see that everything is path here, that your immediate embodied experience is always on your side, and is of the nature of luminous wisdom.

Care for it all, friend. Care so much it hurts. Take the risk of unbearable intimacy. Be willing to take everyone and the entire phenomenal world as your sweetest of lovers. Allow everything and everyone around you to matter. Let love have you.

Gone are the days of holding back, “transcending” your feelings, your emotions, and your body, and looking to your spiritualities and intimate relationships to make you feel better, "higher," or more blissful. Remove these burdens and enter into union. Set aside the dreams of spiritual safety, the fantasies of a life of invulnerability, the detachment of resting in the absolute, and standing back from the burning cauldron of love. For everything arising here is the pure transmission of sweet and fierce grace, and is being revealed as a translucent portal into the center.

You are wild and alive now and longing to be naked, de-robed, and led into the bedroom of the beloved. Enter, close the door, and be astonished at what will happen next.