Sunday, April 27, 2014

I have given the rose its secret essence

At times, you call out
for an end to the longing,
and for safe haven
from the burning within.
Just a moment of rest
from the ever-alive possibility
of breaking open
in each
and every moment.

But I would never make
that sort of agreement,
the beloved says!
For I love you too much.

If I do not enter
through your burning,
how will I ever show you
how whole
you really are?

I have given the rose
its secret essence,
and this weary world
must now know yours.

Ah, the more I burn,
the more translucent I become!
The more transparent I am,
the wilder we may
dance into eternity together,
tasting that honey-nectar that is
given only here.

Yes, love says,
this is it!

Photo credit: Marco Carmassi