Wednesday, April 30, 2014

At times, you will be called to practice the yoga of a broken-open heart...

At times, you will be called to practice the yoga of a broken-open heart. You are willing to be touched by this life, for others to deeply matter, and to take the risk that intimate union will always demand. Yes, the ground is falling away, but you are being held now by the beloved and his or her unknown love for you.

It is true that in any moment your heart may break and that you may fall in love in the most excruciating way. But there is no day off for the yogini with the broken-open heart; for she never knows when love will need her, and what will be put before her very own eyes. She remains committed to being astonished at the wild movement of grace in this world.  

Friend, your only guide is the unknown and the only map is found inside the cells of your very own drippy heart.  This map is translucent and is being formed in the raging here-and-now by the particles of love themselves. Somehow, you are being carried by an unexplainable sort of heart-wisdom, naked in a field with your sweet beloved friend, dancing with him or her as you follow the moon around the galaxies together. 

~early morning, beholding the sweetest sunrise that has ever been, in the Boulder hills, playing hide and seek with the beloved one... with your heart resting in mine, sophialove