Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A home for your achy longing

Please, friend, provide a home for your longing so that it may weave a path of integration inside you. Honor the ache that has been placed within, for it is purifying you, cell by cell by cell. While it is true that opening to love may never offer certainty and ground, it is only by way of the unknown that your heart will be brought alive by the beloved one. 

The beloved will never be able to reach you without coming through your vulnerability, for it is the direct portal inside to the center. Please allow her passage. While at times she may come in the form of unbearable burning, this burning is your lifeline to the sacred world. 

While the movement of pure love may never feel safe, it is only through tender kindness to your immediate experience that you will know the mysteries of separation and union. And as you dance within these mysteries, you offer your wild uniqueness to beings everywhere; and even the sun, the moon, and the stars will bow down in reverence to that. 



  1. Once again I've come back to this quiet spot to find some rest. There is a combination of events happening In my life at the moment which feels like I am being stripped or exposed. And "cell by cell" is just how I would describe it- it's like being dissolved in acid. And those involved don't mean any harm or hurt; they're probably doing their best. And I can't run away from what's happening because I love them and they are part of my life. But the pain is is still there, nagging and aching. Some part of me believes what is written in this blog today- that this is the kiss and tender touch of 'the beloved' and that this is a good and beautiful thing that is happening to my being. But I just feel I have no fight left and no stomach to address what's happening. I feel like my energy is bleeding away. I just have to keep breathing, keep moving in the midst of the pain and keep trying to do the next thing, the next right thing. I'm not sure if this is how this corner of the internet is supposed to be used- I don't use Twitter or facebook or blogs. But it helps to come here and rest for a bit and to say how I feel in response to the beautiful words that I read here and identify so much with. Bless you for being here. X Eve's dad

    1. Dear Eve's Dad, you are always welcome here, friend, to share your experience, open your heart, fall apart, or to just rest in the achy tenderness of this life. To stay embodied with very disturbing feelings and emotions – and to not turn away and abandon ourselves and our precious vulnerability – is the work of a lifetime, and may never feel easy or safe.

      I can very much appreciate, on the one hand, the sense you have that this material is arising for a reason, and providing an opportunity that is ultimately in service of you and those you are around. Yet, on the other hand there is the feeling that you just can't quite keep up, that the struggle to manage and maintain it all – and to do the right thing – is utterly overwhelming. Let us rest in the tension of those seemingly contradictory conclusions together. In my experience, both are utterly valid.

      Yes, we can see that the others around us are for the most part doing the best they can, using whatever strategies they have learned to care for themselves, and somehow we must take full responsibility for what is arising within us. Opening our hearts to all of our pain, and bringing kindness to our emotional world, may be the greatest gift we can offer. Take care, my friend.