Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A home for your achy longing

Please, friend, provide a home for your longing so that it may weave a path of integration inside you. Honor the ache that has been placed within, for it is purifying you, cell by cell by cell. While it is true that opening to love may never offer certainty and ground, it is only by way of the unknown that your heart will be brought alive by the beloved one. 

The beloved will never be able to reach you without coming through your vulnerability, for it is the direct portal inside to the center. Please allow her passage. While at times she may come in the form of unbearable burning, this burning is your lifeline to the sacred world. 

While the movement of pure love may never feel safe, it is only through tender kindness to your immediate experience that you will know the mysteries of separation and union. And as you dance within these mysteries, you offer your wild uniqueness to beings everywhere; and even the sun, the moon, and the stars will bow down in reverence to that.