Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The unleashing of love in this weary world

Though it can be so hard to hold sometimes, we are seeing that love has not come to provide resolution to our burning, but to reveal how infinite and alive we really are. Let us remove the burden from love to provide safety, certainty, and ground, and to meet the endless requirements of our needs, hopes, and fears. Let us unleash love in this weary world, and remove it from the shackles of our unlived lives. 

If we choose to enter into the dimension of love, let us do so carefully, as we will be risking all that we thought we were and needed. For love will always burn away everything that is less than whole within us, to reveal the totality. It moves by way of eternity, weaving the energies of creation, maintenance, and destruction in order to grind the known into the ashes of the unknown, so that we may be recycled as both sweet and fierce grace as it pours throughout the seen and unseen worlds. 

Though we know that there may always be longing, pain, heartbreak, and sadness, we also know the only choice is to allow love to burn. We will allow ourselves to touch the preciousness and the tenderness of this place, and we will give our heart to others. For this is why we have come here.