Saturday, March 22, 2014

The poetry of your own heart

Yes, the way
of opening the heart
can be so lonely, 
disorienting, and confusing,
and at times
you will feel so hopeless.

But even these experiences
are those of the beloved,
weaving herself
into your life
in whatever way she can,
never giving up on you,
your eternal friend,
and will never stop
until you are on fire with love. 

In the realms 
you are in now,
deep in the caverns
of this body
of grace,
you need not worry
about words
and understanding concepts.
For there is
another language
you are attuning to.

Stay close
to this language.

There are transmissions
written inside the cells
of your heart
that are not composed
of ordinary symbols.

They are love letters,
written to you
from the beloved,
the wild poetry
that is