Thursday, March 13, 2014

Please don't postpone your freedom

Instead of putting so much effort toward understanding, changing, healing, or transforming our sadness, our grief, our rage, and our loneliness, what if we were to fully commit to it? As a sacred (though sometimes disturbing) ally on the path of awakening? 

Perhaps the actual suffering we experience arises not from the mere presence of these energies, but from our abandonment of them – and from an unquestioned belief in the conclusion that their presence means there is a problem, a mistake has been made, we are fundamentally flawed, and somehow we have failed (yet again, this time as a spiritual person). 

Please consider no longer postponing your life – of freedom, love, openness, and connection – waiting until some time when you are "healed," changed, transformed, or awakened. Or everything has lined up according to your hopes, dreams, and fantasies. In just one radiant moment, you may discover that freedom is always, already here, and found right in the core of the commitment to your experience, exactly as it is.  

It is exhausting to abandon ourselves and the preciousness of our somatic-emotional reality. Rest your weary heart and mind and offer a sanctuary of space and of love for all of you to be held and embraced. Nothing has gone wrong, you are not broken. Stay close to your vulnerability as doing so is the golden doorway to your aliveness and freedom. 

To the degree you are able to do this for yourself, you will naturally be that loving space for others to do the same. This is how you will help this world.