Friday, March 28, 2014

Embracing the yoga of a broken heart

At times a broken heart will appear as your teacher, calling you to practice the yogas of sadness and vulnerability.

At times you may see that the yoga of a broken heart is the highest path for you and will ask that you set aside all others, placing your tenderness and your wild aloneness upon the altar in front of you. Please do not abandon your brokenness, subjecting it to the yogas of transformation. Stay close.

Though you may never fully understand, the beloved will do anything to reach you. Nothing has gone wrong and no mistake has been made. It is not an error that you have been born as a sensitive human being, with a wide open and sometimes broken heart. You need not fix your vulnerability or cover up your tenderness. For it is through your sensitivity that love will flood the four directions.

As a messenger of the totality, the beloved is always with you, your eternal friend, weaving the particles of wisdom within you. Stay embodied to your precious vulnerability and allow yourself to be washed out by love, so that you may give yourself to the sacred world.