Monday, February 3, 2014

Relax your struggle with reality

There is nothing required on this journey other than starting exactly where you are. Nothing is missing, no mistake has been made, and you are not a problem which needs fixing. You have everything you need right now to turn toward your immediate, embodied experience, and to open to the intelligence of your unfolding somatic-emotional world. 

If you will provide a home inside for all of you, you will cut into the momentum of billions of years of abandoning yourself and the wisdom of your body. The ground, path, and fruition of this work is found in your radical commitment to whatever arises in your experience, as a movement of immense creativity, infused with a brilliant radiance. 

Everything here is path, nothing is out of place, and even your sadness, your confusion, your hopelessness, and your despair are of the nature of compassion and aliveness, if you will stay near and hold them close. As you meet whatever comes with a mighty kindness, the habitual activity of self-aggression will slowly melt away in the fire of your one, wild heart. 

This is very radical, this lion's roar that all of your experience is valid and workable, and is a portal into the natural great perfection. You can relax your struggle with reality. And as you gradually begin to no longer abandon yourself, the qualities of trust and courage you are so longing for will very organically emerge, as they are wired into your true nature.