Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Offering your wholeness to the world

In the forest of your heart, cracks have appeared, so that a new light can pour through. It has come to illuminate the trees and the wildness of the sweet ones who have taken up residence there.

There are infinite forms passing through this very special forest, but each is of the nature of the particles of love. They are hiding in the old rotten logs, dancing in the branches, and emerging up through the messy soil. 

While it may appear otherwise, love will use whatever experience it must to reveal the oneness within you. The beloved and her golden-blue emissaries are master weavers, and will place sadness and joy, broken and whole, and separation and union into the strands of your heart in order to reveal your true nature.

You are a yogini of the forest, practicing your yoga of a broken open heart, and offering your wholeness to the world.