Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Even your neurosis is a direct portal into love and freedom

It can appear that disturbing states such as fear, anger, sadness, and despair will always color your world, that they are solid, permanent, and coming at you from the outside. But in any moment, when infused with your loving presence, you end the war with these primordial energies, and watch as they self-liberate in the vastness of what you are. 

While your present experience is vivid and colorful, you may discover it is also transparent, translucent, and taking place within enormous space. What you are is this space—empty of the known, conceptual world altogether, yet simultaneously pregnant with the eternal unknown qualities of love. If you will set aside the ancient conclusion that something has gone wrong, you will fall into the center, and enter into intimacy with all things. 

You need not abandon yourself any longer, or go to war with your present experience. Allow your strategies of self-aggression to melt into the wisdom mandala that is your own body. No mistake has been made, nothing has come to obscure your path; but only to point you home. See that even your neurosis is a direct portal into the love and freedom you are longing for. 

You are a space-field of kindness, which is there to receive your embodied experience as it takes birth in each moment, dances for a short while, and dissolves back into pure essence. 

Gorgeous photo by Heinz Maier