Saturday, February 22, 2014

There is a map hidden inside the cells of your heart

There is so much intelligence
in your aloneness,
if you will allow it
to reveal its secrets
within you.

No one can experience
reality for you,
open your heart
for you,
fall apart for you,
or break open
in love for you.

No one can live
and die for you;
for this journey is yours
to make alone.

Your only guide
is the unknown
and the only map
is found inside
the cells of your heart.

You are carried
by an unexplainable
sort of grace,
naked in the womb
of the beloved,
left alone
to follow the stars
around the moon. 

Behold the dance
of the beloved one
as she pours
the golden blue mysteries
of separation and union
into this dimension
from the unseen.