Thursday, January 23, 2014

You are wired with pathways of creativity

It may appear that your emotional world is working against you, but it is wired with pathways of creativity, and is working with you at all times to reveal your primordial wholeness.  Turn toward your vulnerability as dawns in your heart, for it is an envoy of the great integration.

Even your sadness is intelligent, alive, and full of information, if you will provide a warm sanctuary for it inside your body. It comes bearing its own precious gifts, but you must allow it to unfold within you, setting aside the conclusion that its mere presence means something has gone wrong.  

Your longing contains a frequency of wisdom, and serves as a bridge between you and the unseen world. Your burning and your confusion are the ways love is polishing you. Trust in your immediate somatic-emotional experience, exactly as it is, for it is being orchestrated by wild grace, come to reveal just how majestic you really are.