Tuesday, January 21, 2014

You are always heard

When will my burning end? Have I not suffered enough? Have I not loved enough, prayed enough, meditated enough, broken enough, surrendered and fell to the ground enough? Where did the grace go? I’m losing hope.

You are not alone, friend. Will you consider for just a moment that this burning, this fire, and this longing within you, IS the response to your most primordial prayer, to the prayer that has carried you into this sacred human world? Dare to see that this longing *is* the return message. It is not a mistake, something to be remedied, corrected, or sent away via process, but is a direct portal into the center. 

Here there is the human body, which is a realm of pure intelligence; here there is the entire sensory field, each sense a miracle portal unfolding between you and the beloved in your heart. You have words that can speak kindness, arms to hold another close, and eyes to see beauty. You have been given everything you need. Your present experience, exactly as it is, is a grace factory; what is happening behind the scenes here is pure majesty. 

You have been asking to open, to be healed, to transform, and to know love as the organizing principle of this reality. You have been heard. You are always heard and your deepest heart-prayers are always being responded to, but much of the time in ways the mind will never understand. Trust in your immediate embodied experience and allow the wisdom of your heart to guide you home. 

Photo: my longtime, sweet playground in the hills of Boulder