Sunday, January 19, 2014

Yes, you will burn until you are translucent

In order to make this journey of opening your heart, radical self-kindness must become your new object of meditation. If sadness comes, if shame appears, if loneliness arrives, if despair rages within, practice holding these long lost pieces of yourself in an environment of clear space. Nothing has gone wrong, you are not broken, and no mistake has been made. Please stay close. My god, there is so much grace inside your body. 

Open, friend, to the possibility that your somatic-emotional world is a wisdom field, come into this world not in order to be healed, transformed, changed, or interpreted, but so that you may finally dance with it as you would with your sweetest, most tender lover. Give everything to know what you are, for it is so precious. Please don't hold back, for this weary place needs you. 

The beloved is here and she will continue to send her envoys into your life, in the form of oneness and separation, broken and whole, confusion and clarity, and sadness and joy. Each of love’s forms has come to unlock a secret place within you, so that a unique form of light can come through into this world. As you let go of billions of years of abandoning your grace body and your miracle senses, a great burning will be unleashed throughout this love-star. 

Yes, you will burn until you are translucent, but it is within this burning that your gifts will be revealed.