Friday, January 17, 2014

Weaving the strands of separation and union

Your vulnerability is not a mistake and your sadness is not something which needs to be healed. Inside the core of your sensitivity is a bridge to the unseen world. As you peer beneath the veil you will be astonished at what is truly happening here. Yes, this bridge is made of pure grace, but it is a grace the mind could never understand. 

Friend, the beloved will do anything to reach you. Her grace is not only sweet, flowy, and calm, but comes at times as fierce, wrathful intensity. It may appear that love has a bias toward the light, but you are seeing that it does not. For inside the darkness the secret of your heart is being revealed. 

Enter into the core of your luminous essence where the light and the dark are one. It is here where the beloved is weaving strands of separation and union into the cells of your body, planting her seeds of love which will produce fruit throughout this world. If you will water these seeds, with the wild rain of unconditional kindness, love will be unleashed and will drip out as a golden waterfall into this very special star you have found yourself in.