Friday, January 24, 2014

Turn toward the transmission of the golden blue

No matter what might be going on in your immediate experience – despair, sorrow, loneliness, utter confusion, or profound sadness – it is always possible to pause and turn toward the transmission of the golden blue sunset, to open to the moon and its lunar holding, and to rest for one moment in the knowing that no mistake has been made here. 

It is not an error that you have been born as a sensitive human being, with a wide open and sometimes broken heart. You need not fix your vulnerability or cover up your tenderness. For it is through your sensitivity that love may find safe passage into this weary world. 

You can actually open yourself even more and give your heart to others. You have come here to do this and you can honor this vow that you made long, long ago. Please trust in your experience, exactly as it is, for it has been given to you and you alone, so that you may come home, and share your unique essence with hearts everywhere.