Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Trust in the primordial wisdom of your natural being to guide you home

You have tried so many practices, techniques, and ways of surrendering. Yet it seems that only one remains. You are being asked to take on the most radical commitment that can be asked of a human being: to receive without condition whatever arises in your present experience in a wild environment of embodied kindness. No matter what thought, feeling, emotion, judgment, or conclusion appears, you will provide a sanctuary for it, a home for it within your heart, trusting in the primordial wisdom of your natural being to guide you home.

For within this field, you are astonished to discover that even your most raging neurosis, ways of self-protection, and fears of intimacy are revealed to be of the nature of creativity itself, formed by the intelligence of an out of control sort of grace; you are seeing that inside each and every cell of your naked body is a pathway of transmutation. Nothing need be discarded, for all is path. Your experience, exactly as it is, is utterly valid and a direct portal into blessed presence.

It may seem like such a simple commitment, but in practice it is a revolution, and will ignite the fires of love throughout this world. It will reveal that your life as it is has never and could never be a problem in need of fixing, that you were never and could never be broken, and that you need not leave your immediate embodied experience ever again in order to enter the sacred world; for what you are is already unbearably holy.

Your somatic-emotional experience is a translucent wisdom-field of raging intelligence and the entire phenomenal world is working with you to reveal your true majesty, and to show you just how whole you already are. Trust in your direct experience for it is emerging out of the unseen world as an expression of pure love.

You need no longer seek some other state of consciousness, for that which is here now is outrageously consecrated with pure spirit. You are being asked to surrender the ancient path of abandoning yourself and to practice a wild intimacy with all things. Stay close, friends, for what is being revealed here is not what it seems.