Thursday, January 30, 2014

The revelation of your wild aliveness

In the realms
you are in now,
you need not worry
about words
and understanding concepts.

For there is
another language
you are attuning to.
Stay close
to this language.

There are transmissions
written inside the cells
of your heart
that are not composed
of ordinary symbols.

They are love letters,
written to you
from the beloved.

As you begin to translate
these secret messages,
you are shown that
it is through your
sensitivity, your vulnerability,
and your sacred aloneness
that your wild aliveness
will be revealed.

If you will weave a home
for the light
and the dark within you
the mysteries of
separation and union
will pour forth
into this world. 

Photo: winter sunrise near Estes Park, just outside the grounds of the Wake Up Festival, forever held by the sun and the moon