Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Take the luminous pathway into the center

Sometimes you are asked to walk out into the darkness, into the unwanted places of your body and your psyche, and into the uncharted realms of your heart... without any assurance you will ever find your way. But the path of love is one of wholeness, and a partial journey will never, ever meet your most precious longing.

Friend, it is true the beloved will walk with you into these and every world of experience, but she will not protect you from the direct encounter with your own heart. She has not come to provide feelings of safety or surety—or to deliver upon you only certain emotions and experiences. She and her emissaries are of the unknown—and their wisdom and creativity is of the unseen. Look up into the golden-blue of this dimension and you will see them.

Many of you are seeing that your longing and your burning are not mistakes which must be subjected to spiritual process, but are luminous pathways into the center, and that what you are is a dancing environment of a wild grace. Love is unfolding itself into this realm of experience through your body, via your senses, and through your words as you speak sweetness and as you hold yourself and others with pure, loving presence. 

If you will not provide sanctuary for the broken and the whole within you, how will love ever reach this weary world?

Yes, this journey is so hard at times, can be so lonely, and at times you feel so hopeless. But you are seeing that even these qualities are those of the beloved, weaving herself into your life in whatever way she can, never giving up on you, your eternal friend, and will never stop until you are on fire with love.