Tuesday, January 14, 2014

She is there, weaving light and dark

Friend, will you give yourself the gift of sacred pause on this new day? Go out into the natural world and open to the unseen dimensions. Recognize and honor the immensity of the journey you are on, how difficult it really is, and sense the support that has gathered around you. 

Somehow, you have come here to open your heart, to reclaim experiential responsibility for each and every feeling and emotion you have previously disavowed. For when you do this, love is released into this world, and will transform everything. 

You are on the journey of re-embodiment, of creating refuge for all your orphaned parts and pieces, for you care so much about this body and this reality. You know that to the degree you open to your present experience, you will be able to open to another. You have come to give and receive love. It is so precious here. It is no ordinary situation.

You are even willing to touch the unwanted within you, for you know that to do so is to unlock the wild activity of the beloved. She is there, dancing behind the scenes, weaving light and dark, re-wiring somatic pathways within you so that you become fully translucent to her movement. 

Go slow, friends, hold your immediate experience and allow it to reveal its secrets to you. Stay close. You are capable of so much, and are being supported in ways you may never know.