Wednesday, January 15, 2014

See that grace is right here

You have moved through one layer only to discover another has appeared. A door to the other world has opened. 

You have broken apart, come back together, only to break apart yet again. There are times when you are so open, and others when it feels like everything is caving in upon you. Will you see that even your confusion is of the nature of luminous wisdom? 

Look carefully and see that there is a heart that does not open and close. Give everything to know this heart. No matter what arises in your present experience, when it is met in this heart with your loving awareness, you will see the path everywhere, forming as strands of raging creativity, being weaved for your own integration. While it may appear otherwise, life is always on your side, and your longing and your burning are allies of wholeness. 

You can slow down now. Nothing is urgent. Nothing need be fixed, changed, healed, transformed, or resolved, for right now. Breathe. See that grace is right here. See that she is not a destination, but a lover; not a goal, but particles forming as your intimacy with all things. 

She is there in the very struggle, shining through the mess, shape-shifting from one thing to another so that she can finally show you something you had forgotten about the wild nature of love.