Monday, January 20, 2014

Psychotherapy/ spiritual counseling update

Dear friends, thank you for your inquiries regarding my psychotherapy/ spiritual counseling practice. At this time, I do have one or two new sessions open each Friday and the possibility of one or two on Mondays; other than these, my practice remains full.

If you are interested—and you're able to meet in person on Fridays or Mondays, during business hours—please send me a private message here.

Please note the limited number of Skype/ phone sessions remain full with a wait list. This update pertains to in-person sessions only, at my office in Boulder. Thank you. 


  1. I f I were to come to boulder the end of august 2014 would you be available to meet with me in person? I just began to read you blog daily..I am amazed and delighted that you much more but no words for are mirroring my experience ..

    1. Dear friend, thank you for your kind note. I will just be returning from the Wake Up Festival at the end of August and am unclear on my schedule. If you would please email me later in the spring, I will have more detail on my availability then. mlicata108 @ Take care.