Monday, January 20, 2014

It may appear you are lost

Go out into the natural world, get near some water, fall to the ground—remove every last bit of separation between you and the beloved. Feel the currents of love as they move in and out of the cells of your heart. Yes, there is air moving out of your lungs, but it is pure love that is passing through your heart now. Stay close, friend.

Love is emerging into this world and looking for you, and is sending its holy envoys through the sunrise, through the color blue, through your eyes, and through the moon. It is coming for you, in sweet and wrathful forms, spinning light and dark to show you everything about the nature of love.

The substance of all form in this special place is none other than love itself, emerging out of the ground, falling from the sky, forming as your miracle senses, and lighting up the crystals in the fresh-fallen snow. Please stay close. Allow everyone and everything to matter, take the risk love will always demand, and open to your intimacy with all things.

You may think you are lost or you may think you are found, but the beloved is the master of hide and seek and will dance with you into eternity.  And in your play together, you will discover your majestic nature, as that which was never lost and need never be found.