Friday, January 3, 2014

In the golden blue forest of your wild open heart

In the golden blue forest
of your wild open heart,
a translucent light has appeared,
so that a new a quality of love
can be born into this world.

For a moment, it appeared
that your sensitivity
was working against you,
but you are seeing now
that is your unique gift
to this weary place.

Your longing is taking you
deeper into the forest,
where the beloved is at work,
cleansing your body
and washing out your senses,
crafting the love-tools
of wisdom and kindness,
which you will use together
to open hearts everywhere.

You are a yogini of the forest,
practicing your yoga
of a broken open heart,
wiling to feel the sadness
of this world,
recycling it into compassion,
and offering your wholeness
in response.