Saturday, January 25, 2014

If you will hold the dark and light in balance...

You want to give your joy, your happiness, your peace, and your love to others. It is so natural to want to uplift those around you. Perhaps the greatest gift you can give to another, though, is your willingness to provide a home for the unwanted within you. 

For when you are in direct contact with your own grief, sadness, loneliness, and confusion, a holding field of love emerges in the space between, granting cosmic permission for the other to finally touch these unresolved qualities in themselves. Love is then able to work in the field between you. If you will hold the dark and light in balance, you will fall into the center, where your hearts are no longer two. 

As you look up into the morning sky and allow in the implications of what is really happening here, you may fall to the ground in astonishment. The beloved is here and is alive, and is forming this dimension of experience through her wild weaving of separation and union, light and dark, and joy and sadness. She is coming for you and will use the entirety of the phenomenal world to reach you. For she wants you so badly. 

When you behold the golden sun rising in the sky, the luminous pinks and purples given as blessings in this realm, the light-penetrated love-crystals in the snowflakes, please consider the possibility that things here are not what they seem. When you make the radical commitment to an unconditional kindness toward whatever arises in your immediate experience—trusting it is a luminous expression of that same intelligence which keeps the stars from falling out of the sky—a new fragrance of love is provided a portal into this world. 

Please see how precious you are today, even if for just one moment. For this life will be taken from you sooner than you wish, and you will be returned to those same stars, your sweet essence scattered in the infinite directions, blessing this place into eternity.