Sunday, January 26, 2014

Behold the golden-orange emissaries of wholeness

You want to be embraced as the awakened one, as the one who has it all together, as the one who has come to some fundamental resolution, and as the one who is happy, content, grateful, and forgiving. You do not want to allow in too closely the one who is falling apart, the scared one, the confused one, and the one in which the darkness is alive. 

But, friend, you are none of these. You are that untamed, unknown, un-nameable space in which light and dark are born, dance for a flickering moment, and then return to the vastness of primordial love. You are the luminous holding space in which the energies of separation and union are being weaved into this milky way of grace, recycled out through your words, your kind activity, and the sweet ways you hold another. Please remember who you are. 

If you will provide sanctuary for the entirety of yourself to live and dance in this world, you invite the beloved and her golden-orange emissaries of wholeness to ignite the fires of love in this dimension. It is only through you and your dripping heart that these ones will emerge through the colors, through the natural world, and through the energy of maitri to touch beings everywhere. Though it may appear otherwise, your body is a wild environment of integration, working at all times on your side to reveal the majesty of what you are. 

As you begin to see this and allow it all the way in, the secret of this special place will be revealed: Even your sadness, your hopelessness, and your disappointment are intelligent, made of particles of wisdom and creativity, assembling in the here and now for the sole purpose of guiding you into the pure realm of the heart. 

Photo: the glory of the holding field of Sneffels Range, in the San Juans, Ouray County. Ever in awe of mother Colorado and the grace she offers