Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A wild secret about the nature of love

Your body is love’s temple, your heart is its tavern, and your eyes are its windows. Your words of kindness are its voice and the ways you tenderly touch and hold another are its arms.

It can be astonishing to realize that it is only through you that love can find safe passage into this weary world.

You have taken birth in a place where love is alive and is orchestrating the comings and goings of the stars, the galaxies, and the sacred breath within you. But please do not forget that this life is not forever, and that we do not know if we will be given an opportunity like this again. Allow the reality to enter you, that you will be called home very soon.

Recognizing this, please give yourself to others and to this world, for if you do not, something may be lost. For you are a radically unique fragrance of the beloved, and it is through you alone that a wild secret about the nature of love can be revealed.