Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A portal into your own wholeness

It is through this journey of opening the heart that we are able to touch and metabolize everything that has up to this point remained unresolved within. As we enter more deeply into the relational field around us, we take the risk that love will *always* require, as we are asked to turn all the way into the mucky, messy, sticky, gooey world of relationship, intimacy, and vulnerability. 

While it may always feel more natural to remain in the known, we are being asked to enter right into the center, where it may always feel a bit groundless; none of our reference points feel very reliable here. We are in that area of the heart which has absolutely no interest in resolution, but only in utter transformation of the known.  It is exciting here, full of possibility, but also a bit terrifying. Who will we be when we come out the other side?  

It can be important to remember that the journey of opening the heart may never feel safe. Let us remove this burden from love and from our intimate relationships. The beloved's role in your life is not to generate feelings of safety, but to provide a portal into your own wholeness.