Thursday, December 12, 2013

Your aloneness has been placed inside you by the beloved

The experience of aloneness is one that is very misunderstood in our world. But it comes to purify, to burn away everything that is less than whole within you. It comes revealing the holy truth that despite your profound connection with others, this journey is for you to make alone. 

No one can experience life for you, love for you, or feel heartbreak for you. No one can look up into the sky and behold the glory of the moon and the stars for you. No one can experience the color red or purple or yellow or orange for you. No one can fall to the ground in astonishment at how much grace is really here. And no one can embrace your sadness for you. For all of this is yours alone. 

The path is everywhere, though you must walk it in your own way, breaking open as you go—allowing life to touch you so deeply and to show you how sensitive you really are.  You are being asked to feel everything now, and to see that love is wild and alive here in this star, and dare to embrace the reality that nothing is out of place. 

Friend, please honor your aloneness—and hold it tenderly as your sweet lover—for it is has been placed inside you by the beloved one to draw you nearer to her.