Monday, December 2, 2013

You are a wild yogini of the burning

Oh, friends, give it up. Let it all come apart. Let love have you. The time is now. Your sadness, your aloneness, your sorrow, your despair, your sacred longing – these are your home and sanctuary, and are appearing as translucent portals into the direct transmission of love. 

You are a wild yogini of the burning, willing to break open even more to share your wild dripping heart with this world.

At times you will fall apart, while at other times you will feel so together. But what you are is neither of these. You are the majestic, raging totality. You are the wildness in which “apart” and “together” roar like a lioness throughout this world. 

You are seeing that the beloved will use the energies of “together” and “apart” equally in order to light you on fire with love. It is becoming so clear that she has no bias for separation or union, light or dark, or broken or whole. It is all her erupting grace.

The beloved is looking for you and wants you exactly… as… you… are. You are her blessed mess – gooey, sticky, and dripping with her holy qualities. You’ve been seen, and though it may seem disorienting at times, with no reference point to lean into, with no ground at all to rest in, you are being held in a golden vessel of love. 

Your cellular reality is being re-organized, the strands of your DNA are being re-crafted, and your heart is being polished by the beloved one, translucently preparing you for what is next. 

Stay close to your own immediate, embodied experience, for it is radically trustworthy, utterly valid, and is your luminous pathway home.