Sunday, December 15, 2013

Without your wild heart, love will never make it here

You are being called into a union and an intimacy you only dreamed was possible: Remove your clothing—your physical clothing, your spiritual clothing, your conceptual clothing, and come inside. 
Get messy. Get gooey. Get sticky. Allow yourself to care about everything and to allow everyone around you to matter. Take the risk of love, friends. Please don't hold yourself back any longer, for this weary world needs your wildness. Without your dripping, untamed heart, love will never make it here. 

You are seeing that this love has no interest in your remaining a detached “witness” of your experience. Nor in any sort of safe, pre-described, pre-packaged awakening or fantasies of a life of invulnerability. Remove the burden you have placed on yourself and others to hold it all together and to maintain any sort of fixed image about how love is moving now. It is way too alive and precious here for all that.  

Let it all fall apart, and see that you were never together to begin with. Dare to behold the majestic love field that you are, in which together and apart dance with one another into eternity, as grace-tools of the beloved one, to open the secret places within you. 

Come inside, love says, all the way in. And even closer than that. Let me reach you through your burning, it pleads. Burn it all up. Burn the conceptual world away and let us see together what remains. 

Photo credit: Monika Nataraj