Tuesday, December 3, 2013

This tenderness, this aloneness, this sadness - these are your yogas now

You want a road map
into your heart,
but the beloved
is not providing
you with one.

It is as if
she loves you too much.

She only continues
to invite you into her being,
which is unknown, alive,
and pregnant with creation;
it is there where miracles
arise and fall in each moment,
as your entire sensory reality.

To really see a tree, to listen
to the birds,
to attune to the
beating heart of another,
to behold the red
in this morning’s sunrise:
one revelation after the next. 

Your life is not a project
to be solved.
Your feelings
and your emotions
are not energies
which need to be healed,
transcended, or subjected
to spiritual process.

Your tenderness, your aloneness,
and your sadness;
these are the most advanced yogas
of your world.
Please don’t send them away.
It is all much too precious for that.