Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The fragrances of aloneness

The beloved has appeared as a tour guide to take you into the wild reality of your wholeness, and to plant the seeds of integration inside your wide open, achy body.

You thought it was safety you were looking for, for the resolution of your emotional experience, and for a final resting place where the burning would end. But you are seeing that what you are is the luminous vastness in which the feeling of safety dances. Surges of longing, waves of confusion, fragrances of aloneness—these are portals through which love is bridging you to the unseen.

There are no mistakes here, nothing has gone wrong. You are right on track.

Though it is not easy, you are seeing that it is through your vulnerability, sensitivity, and broken openness that love is able to make its way out of the stars and bless this weary place. Honor your burning, for it is the link to the unfolding of love into this reality. It is your path alone, and if you do not create a sanctuary for it inside you, the world will never know your preciousness.

Photo: the sweetest holding field of the Boulder Flatirons, my secret home for the last 24 years... and my eternal moon-beloved. Photo by Eric Wilson.