Wednesday, December 4, 2013

For they are forming the path of love around you

Friend, please don't abandon your heart, for it is so precious. Please don't desert your feelings, for they are of the nature of luminous wisdom. Please don't forsake your emotions, for they are forming the path of love around you. 

You are being asked to make the most revolutionary commitment of your life up until now: to radical kindness, to stay intimately close with your immediate embodied experience, exactly as it arises, and to provide a holding space for its unfolding. You are no longer willing to abandon yourself, to fuel the conclusion that something has gone wrong or that somehow you've failed as a spiritual person. 

You are being asked to commit to the experience of dripping tenderness, unbearable aliveness, and broken-open rawness. You will give everything to touch another, to open your heart even more, and to be a translucent vessel of love in this world. You are willing to feel so much and hold the hands of all your lovers, walking with them into the darkness, the bliss, and even the scary places if that is where love takes you. 

You will no longer hide your vulnerability, pretend that you have it all together, and above all will no longer abandon yourself and the splendor of your immediate experience. You are seeing so clearly now that every experience you could ever have is none other than a wild mad crazy expression of the path, utterly valid, and totally trustworthy. Gone are the days of transcendence, exclusion, and self-aggression. It is only love from here. 

We have said it before and we will say it into eternity: It is just way too precious here for that. You have taken birth in a star of love. And that is very rare, friend. Give everything to know this.