Wednesday, December 25, 2013

For it is only though you that love can re-order this world

Somehow, love has miraculously appeared on this day as your eyes, that you may see the truth. As your hands that you may touch another sweetly. As your words that you may speak kindness. And as your heart that you may offer yourself as a holding field for this weary world.

Through some unexplainable grace, you have taken birth in a dimension where love is alive. Though opening your heart can be devastating at times—though you feel so raw now, so tender, so vulnerable, and so groundless—you know you are meant to be here. You are willing to fall apart, to crumble to the ground in awe, to walk into the light buried in the darkness, and for your heart to break over and over again. It is astonishing to see how much grace is really here.

You are being shown now one of the great mysteries of this love-world: there is no separation between the crucifixion, the resurrection, and the transfiguration that is unfolding within you. Love is here, it is alive, and it is coming for you. It will do anything to reach you. It is weaving itself into your sadness, forming the particles of your heartbreak, and assembling as the substance of your precious longing for union.

Whether love is currently appearing in your life as the crucifixion, as the resurrection, or as the transfiguration, know you are being held within the grace realm that is the heart of Christ. You are not broken, not in need of fixing, and no mistake has been made here. Your present, embodied experience is outrageously intelligent, overwhelmingly creative, and utterly valid. Everything here is working on your side to ignite the untamed transformative movement of love within you.

Friend, without you and your wild vulnerability—without your unique gifts, your courage, and your willingness to be taken apart by grace—this place will never know the burning essence of timeless and eternal love. The oceans, the galaxies, the stars, and our sweet moon—they are counting on you, for it is only through you that love can re-order this world.