Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Deepening Intimacy - our new, totally free, video series on the crucible of intimate relationship

Friends, I am happy to announce registration for our new, free video series—Deepening Intimacy—which begins February 10. Learn more and register (at no cost).

Over the last few months, I've gathered 17 luminaries in the area of intimacy and relationships—teachers, writers, researchers, and therapists—who have collectively worked with tens of thousands of couples of all types, to explore the potential of intimate relationship to serve as a crucible for transformation and awakening. As part of the series, these experts share their secrets with you, their breakthrough insights, and the fruits of their years of exploration.

In order to make the journey that intimacy offers, most agree that we must be willing take a risk, to dare to move into the unknown, and to be extraordinarily vulnerable; we must be willing to consciously turn toward all that is unresolved within us, and to cultivate new levels of kindness and courage. In this way, many consider the path of intimacy the greatest vehicle we have in the contemporary world for personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening.

I've invited my longtime friend and colleague, Tami Simon, to host the series and you can be sure she will be asking the tough questions as we join these visionaries to explore the further reaches of intimacy, and the true potential of a life devoted to the ever-deepening discoveries of love.

We had over 75,000 of you participate in our last two free programs—The Compassionate Brain and The Self-Acceptance Project—and look forward to sharing this new series with you.

I'm happy to announce the following confirmed presenters: John Welwood, PhD; Sue Johnson, PhD; Gay Hendricks, PhD and Katie Hendricks, PhD; Harriet Lerner, PhD; Bruce Tift, LMFT; Stan Tatkin, PsyD; Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen Hunt, PhD; Rick Hanson, PhD; Robert Augustus Masters, PhD; David Schnarch, PhD; John Gray, PhD; David Richo, PhD; Ellyn Bader, PhD and Peter Pearson, PhD; and Julie Colwell, PhD.

We look forward to seeing you online next year! All our love, Matt Licata, Series Editor

Valentine Tree, arranged here courtesy of Alice Mason 

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  1. Dear Matt,

    I have just registered for the Deepening Intimacy program. I am alone..no relationship with a significant other, but I feel this program will deepen the intimacy within my life, how I relate to being me, but also the recognition of What I Am.

    I know it will have its effects éven on my relationship with the husbands that passed away. It is possible to open up to issues from a past relationship, even when that man is desceased...and by that "start loving them totally now", even though he is not around anymore.
    Out of my own experience I know that is true, also when a relationship seemed to be destructive. Anger and even hate slowely turn into love and gratitude. I even dance "with him" now, and the destruction is welcomed. It could only destroy my ideas and old survival mechanism anyways. (Which doesn't mean it didn't and sometimes does hurt! Seeing all that stuff in the face isn't exactly comfortable..)

    In this way life will continue to open up...so I am looking forward to what will be shared in the program. I sort of grant myself that, because anything untrue tightens up my body.

    Love, Ann