Saturday, December 14, 2013

Come to reveal the essence of your one, wild, drippy heart

You look up into the morning sky and sometimes it’s just too much, the grace that is here. Love is emerging out of the ocean, coming out of the sand, whispered from the overwhelming presence of the seagulls, and pouring out of the reds and the purples in the sunrise, inviting you to union. 

As the beloved unravels herself into this world, she is sending her emissaries of the unknown to seed your body with her transmission, and to craft you as her vessel for the pouring of sweet love into this dimension. If you will allow her inside you, things will never be the same again, and you know this. You are simultaneously so alive, so ready, but also terrified by the implications. The end of your world as you have known it is near.

The beloved one is removing your reference points, one by one. And she is removing your clothing, one item at a time, until you are naked before her.

You are being asked to ally with your deepest confusion, your most profound sadness, and to hold all of the ways you have concluded you are unlovable as you are. You are even being asked to make love with the darkness and the unwanted, without any assurance of their fidelity.

Yes, the beloved will walk with you into the ocean of your experience. She is your ancient love-companion, but she will not protect you. It would appear that she is not interested in keeping things safe, protecting you from heartbreak, or delivering a life of invulnerability upon you. She has come only to unfold her body into yours. And, finally, to reveal to you the essence of your one, wild, drippy heart.