Monday, December 9, 2013

A pure expression of the wild, creative nature of grace

Will you stay with the sadness when it comes early in the morning? Will you allow the sorrow to touch you, even for a moment, before you turn from it? Will you remain close to your grief, to your loneliness, and to your rawness, inviting its fragrances into your heart, and make a commitment to no longer abandon yourself?

Though you may call out for relief at times - from the burning, from heartbreak, and from even more tender vulnerability - your primordial longing is for wholeness, to know the vastness of your heart, and to behold the mysteries of love in all her forms. You know that you will never be satisfied with being only partially alive.

Stay close, friend, to your immediate, embodied experience, for it is unfolding out of the center, as a series of blessed emissaries of the beloved, sent to open you – and open you even more - to the astonishing preciousness of what is really happening here.

Your present experience, exactly as it is, is emerging now as a pure expression of the wild, creative nature of love, and is revealing the pristine wisdom-nature of the stars it came from.