Saturday, November 16, 2013

You were never lost, and need never be found

It is so natural to feel lost at times. You have been through so much, burned up and opened in so many ways, yet there is still a sense of holding back, that you are standing at the precipice of something so unknown. 

Where is the grace? Who am I? What is love asking of me? Am I lost or am I found? 
These and other questions are dissolving in front of your eyes now, as the great sorting mechanism is being melted away by the burning within you. Lost, found, broken, whole, light dark, separate, one, happy, sad – you are none of these. You are the vastness in which these vivid appearances magically appear and dance, only to return once again to the empty-luminous ground of awareness. 

Go into the forest, get near the water, remove every last bit of separation between you and the beloved. Feel the currents of love as they move in and out of the cells of your heart. Love is emerging into this world and looking for you, and is sending its emissaries through the sunset, through the purples, through the reds, and through the oranges. 

You may think you are lost or you may think you are found, but the beloved is the master of hide and seek and will play with you into eternity.  And in your play together, you will discover your majestic nature, as that which was never lost and need never be found. 

Photo: the holding-field of the Autumn sunset, nearby in the lovely Snowmass, CO