Friday, November 29, 2013

They have come to make love with you

There is so much intelligence in your hopelessness if you will turn toward it and mine the wisdom it offers. You have been taught that hope is required and that it is a true “spiritual” quality which is necessary to open your heart to this world. But the wild reality of love will never conform to your hopes and fears.

There is a line between sanity and confusion which is not nearly as solid or continuous as it may appear. We could say that love is the bridge between the two, though it is not the love that the mind knows. This bridge is translucent, and is crafted of your self-kindness and luminous creativity, emerging out of the unknown to reveal the wisdom within your neurosis.

Your hopelessness is path, and is a pure reflection of untainted original awareness, revealing the most radical truth that there is no ultimate reference point in which you can rest any longer. Groundlessness is becoming your home now, for it is within this raging crucible of hopelessness that the conceptual world falls away. In its place is wide empty space, but it is so warm there, and so pregnant with the qualities of love. It is this warmth which enables you to share yourself with others and with this precious world. You are no longer ashamed to be what you are.

Your sadness, your vulnerability, and your hopelessness – these guests have not come into your experience so that they can be healed, transformed, changed, or transcended. They are not problems which need fixing or more evidence of your failure. They have come to make love with you, and to reveal their nature as path, weaving and interpenetrating your tenderness with everything around you. 

Photo: November sunrise at our majestic Brainard Lake, near my home in northern Colorado, copyright Michael Chilcoat