Monday, November 11, 2013

The phenomenal world is de-clothing in anticipation of your wild nakedness

At times things are flowing, you are meeting what arises with full loving awareness, and watching it liberate in front of your eyes. You are seeing so clearly there is nothing you need to do with disturbing feelings and emotions; in your presence, in your holding, and in your care they will unravel and reveal their true nature. They are none other than the movement of love itself, come in disguise, to unlock a secret within you.  

At other times, you are judging your experience, you are unable to let go, you cannot accept what is here; you are getting caught again. You cannot forgive or stay in the present, you are feeling overwhelmed. You are confused, the panic has returned, the anxiety is back; you cannot find your center. It feels as if the path has disappeared. You feel lost. Where is the grace? It was here and now it has gone. 

Friends, the path is before you; you could never be apart from it. Everywhere you look, everyone you meet, and every feeling, emotion, and sensation arrives as a vivid display of the call of love, mirroring your longing, pleading for your loving awareness, and de-clothing in anticipation of your wild nakedness. 

Grace will take any form she must to reach you, and will shape-shift and dance even as judgment, sorrow, and the inability to let go. She is mad crazy and is coming for you! Grace is raging alive inside the mess of your life, and in the joy and the beauty. She is emerging from the mud underneath you, taking shape as the kindness that you speak, and falling out of the sky to find you. Grace has always been right here, radiating at the core of your confusion, and will never stop appearing until you realize just how whole you really are.  

Photo: the grace field of Mystic Mountain, within Carina Nebula